Reads a few CD's as BLANK DISC the rest read fine

Hi, apologies if this question has already been asked and answered i did search but found nothing that helped me. This problem started when i first bought my computer (bought it without an operating system, installed drivers and windows myself)

My CD drive won’t read pro evolution soccer 4 or pro evolution soccer 5. It also doesn’t read the free game that i got with the computer (cant find it and cant remember what it is, is a driving game though) but the problem is the same with these 3 CD’s.

I put the CD in the drive and it whirrs and makes noises, then comes up “blank disc” and gives me a list of options e.g. write to disc, take no action etc. If i restart the computer then windows will not load until the disc is taken out of the CD drive.

It is not a CD problem as both pro evolution 4 and 5 work in my brothers computer. Other games I have (battlefield 2, medal of honour pacific assault, tropico, Sims 2 etc) all work fine and it can read and play DVDs. So i dont think there is a problem with reading a particular type of disc. This problem is bugging me as im just itching to play pro evo 5! Any help or feedback would be appreciated, thanks. My CD drive is called “Maxtor 6L160M0” I run windows XP