Reading/writing/sub/cdrw or cd-rom?

This might sound confusing, but I will try:

Some of the newer models of cd burners are also very well equipped readers and can read sub and all that etc… However, what about regualr cd-rom readers. How does one know what they are capable of? As far as I know, I have searched all over, there is no program that can test them for such specs. I have a 52x maxx cr-rom which is a no-name brand and shows up as ATAPI CD-ROM and it read many cd protected games usuing clonecd and I was successful at making copies then with that image on my burner. Newer games like WC3, NWN, Empire Earth, it can create an image but the protection seems to take over when trying to launch these games. So, how does one know what a regular cd-rom can do? I’m just tired of looking for cracks for games, wy is making a 1:1 copy so difficult.

Actually, not all modern writers are good sub-code readers. Lite-on writers struggle to make accurate images of the latest securerom protected cds (from WCIII and NWN onwards). Asus and Plextor writers don’t seem to have problems though.

As for ordinary cdroms, I don’t know where you can obtain info on their sub-code reading capabilities. I do know, however, that Mitsubishi Diamond Data cdroms do a good job with subs (I’ve got a 50x on my old system) and I understand that Plextor cdroms also handle subs particularly well.

If you’d prefer a dvd as reader, most Toshibas do a good job with sub-codes as do the 16x Lite-on dvds.

I happen to have a Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1212 , would you think in you ropinion, I should use this to make images rather than my unknown 52x cd-rom???

Yes. They [Toshiba] are the reader recommended by the author of CloneCD.

There used to be a site that kept records about CD/DVD-ROMs but it has closed. As a general rule, steer clear of ASUS, Pioneer and no-name CD/DVD-ROMs for purely reading.