Reading/Writing Error Control Please Help!



I am getting a Reading/Writing error control. I tried 3 DVDs and get the same error. Please Help. I just purchased the software and might cancel it. Hope u people can help. Thanks Jim


Please help if anybody can I do appreciate it. Thanks again


Please help me. Somebody must a answer for this. Thanks


Hi Jimmy. Please post the error code numbers (if any), tell us when they occur, the version of DVDFab you are using, and what mode (Full Disc, Main Movie, etc.) you are using when the errors happen.


First of all , to help you we need information.

  1. What type of drive do you own ( model number and brand )
  2. What media are you using?
  3. Did you check if your drive are in UDMA2. After error it can change to PIO.
  4. What is your computer configuration, how much RAM, what CPU,
  5. What is the exact error codes ( as signals has asked )
  6. What movie are you getting these codes with.
  7. What mode of DVDFabPlatnium are you using? Did you purchase Platnium or Gold?
  8. Any other pertainent information.


Liteon-DVDRW LH-20A1H

DVD Platinum

How do I check if my drive is in UDMA2

512RAM 2GHZ Windows XP

Trying to copy 4 movies now John Tucker must Die,Talladega nights,Old School,Weddign Crashers

Getting this error message Task 1 Failed! Error 400 when copy process is started. It nevers gets to the burning point. Very VERY frustrated.

Thanks for getting back to me. Hope to hear from u soon. It happens even happens with Main Movie also feature


Using Verbatim DVD-R CD’s. But like I said it does get that far. In the copy process it fails no matter what I use. Media or disk. IF this doesn’t get resolved quickly I will get my money back. I appreciate all your help.


Hello !
I have exactly the same problem with DVD Fab Decrypter : error 400 for each DVD I try… The last release wich works is (november 2005). After this release, DVD Fab Decrypter doesn’t work anymore… My DVD reader (Plextor PX-116A) is configured in UDMA2.


Sorry : was of course released in november 2006