Reading trouble

Hi I have just bought my self a NEC2500A. But I’m having a problem reading some dvds. Well just a couple. A friend of mine brought 2 disks around the other day for me to copy and the nec drive just couldnt read the disks at all. Where as the ones I’ve burnt myself r fine. Also his disks were fine and in perfect condition near enough. In the end i had to do it on my other drive. Is this a known problem with certain disks or am I gonna have to send my drive back. Just gonna do a bit of research first thanks any opinions r appreciated.
I have just finished phoning the people I bought it off and they say its a known issue and that its not guaranteed to read evry type of media and that all burners burn them differently or something along those lines. Anyway Id like to get a second opinion off u guys



Also a sidenote the disks were memorex -r

The NEC isn’t the greatest reader in the world, and it can get finicky with even minor errors on those Memorex discs - have you tried running CDSpeed and KProbe on those discs for read errors?

Run them on another DVD-ROM drive (not the NEC; or whatever that drive was you eventually had to read them in) and verify that those discs were burned correctly.

It is truely a weird drive. 2500A sometimes produces discs that every DVD drives “except 2500A” can read. (Excuse me for a little bit of exaggeration. :slight_smile: )
And those discs are truely good in that they have (in many cases) smooth reading curves in Nero-CDSpeed.

I recommend you yo try more media and decide if it is bearable. If you have another DVD reader, maybe the reading ability doesn’t make a big problem.

Hi thanks for the commenst yeah I think thats the best plan to actually try other media and if its the same then I’ll have to send it back :frowning:

The drive does indeed have a problem with reading some discs. Take the datawrite red version 3 for eg. the nec 2500A will burn a perfect disc when but refuses to read it even though the dvd-rom reads the disc and the stand alone dvd players play the disc just fine. So test more discs and see as was pointed uot.

Hi All,
I’m totally new to this forum, but hope to learn a lot. I read through some before deciding to finally buy an NEC 2500A, despite the posts about some reading errors. i also saw that some never had the issue, so I hoped for the best.
Got it from NewEgg, and backed up 2 DVD’s with no problems, and on cheap media too.
Thisng is, I just tried to back up a movie, and itgot stuck at analysing it with DVD Shrink. Indeed, it was a bit scratched up, but not too bad. I’m sure it will rip just fine on the Plextor 708A on my wife’s PC.
My question is: Is there anything you guys know one can do to improve its reading difficulties? Does firmware help reading problems? and, how do I know what firmware I have on my burner?
I’m not too concerned about increasing its ability at this point; I just want to be able to read/write most anything I throw at it; the Plextor’s reliability is the goal, hopefully.
Thanks in advance. :bow:

I see you’ve already found the ‘read’ problems thread since you’ve also posted in there.
It seems that some 2500As are picky when it comes to dirty or scratched media.
If you’re having trouble, try cleaning the disc and then trying again in the NEC.

to : mdl3r1

I do believe that firmwares can change the readability a lot because I know some drives really tries to read defected discs for a long time and finally succeed. (Still the hardware difference in detecting unit should be the unbreakable barrier.)

I tried a few of available firmwares.
Some(like the stock one) are NEC bases and some(recent Herrie one) are HP based, so I expected differences in reading stratages. The bad news is, maybe they are different, but I didn’t really feel any difference in their reading abilities.

Ive never had a read problem on stock firmware or Herrie’s.
It would be interesting to know what people are using to burn,to see if that makes any difference to readability.