Reading subchannel data



Like IpseDixit, I have been experiencing this oddity with subchannel reading with my Lite-On drive.

Aside from this, my LTR-52327S has been pretty much perfect… Is this a problem inherent to the CD format?

I will post my comparison of two identical reads of the same CD soon, as IpseDixit did. Every time I compare these so-called “identical” reads, there seems to be different bytes at certain places in the subchannel data, even if the main image file is exactly the same. :frowning:

I would appreciate any technical information, help or even just suggestions on this topic. I have asked already, but that topic seems to have disappeared below the rest…! :confused:

Thanks, guys.



LiteON LTR-52327S is known to have problems with sub channel reading. LiteON have released a firmware QS0C which should improve subchannel reading.

Have you updated your firmware to latest.


Thank you for your reply and the link! I think I have already applied the latest firmware, although I may be mistaken. I will check into this.

Thanks again! Does anyone know any other possible causes, if jbv’s recommendation does not work, or I already have this update? :smiley:

I had heard about the LTR-52327S subchannel thing; hopefully it is fixable, otherwise I’ll probably save up for a Plex Premium. Hopefully this oddity does not occur in all drives.


Anybody? :slight_smile: