Reading subchannel data, for libcrypt


I’m newbie when it comes to burning, so i need a bit of advice.
I’m running win2000, nero, clony and clonecd (newist versions of all). + I’ve run the ‘force aspi’ program so i now have adeptics aspi drivers installed.

I’m trying to copy a playstation game which appears to be protected by libcrypt but my problem is that neither my sony cd drive (cdu5211) or my usb diamonddata cd writer SEAM to be able to read 96 bytes subchannel data. In clonecd (even reading at ony 1x), i get :

device sony cd-rom cdu5211 doesnt support reading of 96 bytes subchannel data (cd+G)!
sony cd-rom cdu5211 is not compatible with clonecd read mode “read subchannel data from data tracks”

*it still continues to read though after those log messages?

when I try reading from the burner its even worse, i get a series of “failed to read sector0” failed to read sector1…" and then a message at the end saying the usb drive isnt compatible.

so will I have to resort to using nero & patches or it possible that I’m doing something wrong, or have set something up incorrectly?

also when I first got the burner a few weeks ago before I installed clonecd etc I copied ‘tony hawk 3’ with nero using its raw data capabilities and it worked! I cant just use nero for copying playstation discs can I? most things I’ve read seem to give indication that you really need to use clonecd to make proper 1:1 copies so thats why I started playing around with it.

You’re not doing anything wrong I think. Your drives just can’t read SubChannel Data. Too bad :frowning: Some PSX games are protected and some aren’t. For unprotected games you can use Nero but for protected games I think you’re stuck with patches. Check for more info on this.