Reading speeds

I’ve been reading a lot about writing speeds affecting the quality of a copy but does the reading speed make a difference.
I have a liteon 40125w so should i set it at max read when backing up my pc software
Thanks for any help Nickram:confused:

well in general u should not have a problem with backup up your games using read spead at max in almost all cases but every now and then u might have to lower it.

but un general reading at max speed is ok

if you want to be carefull just read at 8x or so maybe even 4x.

I have used clonecd forever…HAHAHA…about 2 1/2 years…I have always read at max speed and never had a problem…I would read at the max speed you writer will work for a give nprotection…that is set it to max…

I have even done so with audio cds…

with that said if the disc being reading is scratched or of poor quality I would slow the speed down and hope it works…

But I am not a believer of 4x, 8x etc reading makes a better copy…as long as you have a good quality reader…plex, toshiba, liteon dvd and many others etc you should be fine

@nickram Here’s the rule of thumb for audio & PSX

Read audio at max if you have a Plextor (they have additional circuitry for audio) or a high-end Yammy which also have purpose added audio circuitry (not as good as a Plexy, though). Otherwise read it at 8x or slower. I’m not kidding.

Read PSX as slow as you can; there is difference in the step height between PSX discs and CD-R/Ws and the console laser is lousy. Again, I kid you not.

@everyone else Don’t believe me? Bite me!

OK…maybe I am not an audiophile and can not tell a difference…sorry
I have used sony and tosh cdrom, ltd dvd to read audio never noticed a difference…but I am not discriminating enough in this regard…

Futureproof recommends are excellent ideas to get a high quality read…so I differ to the more experienced here…

I have no experience with PSX…so do as Futureproof says…

with regard to PSX

set read speed to max everytime if the cd is in good condition.
set write speed as slow as possible however. it is the write speed that is criticle when “backingup” PSX titles.

i’ve backed up many PSX titles with success for many years now repeatedly with the above method.
except for that one time my mum yelled at me for leaving the seat up and killed the power to my computer 37% of the way through “backing up” red alert. bitch :a

sorry mum :bow:

@everyone else Don’t believe me? Bite me!


my mum yelled at me for leaving the seat up and killed the power


I have to agree with FutureProof, lowest read/write speed is better. i saw a good eg once, 2 cds, same psx game, same media. 1 written at 1x, the other written at 16x (i think 16, could of been 12)?

anyways, both disks worked, but the laser did a lot of churning when reading the 16x disk.

could of been coincidence, or magic, but im a believer.

Thanks for all the advice guys, I really appreciate it. As regards audio backups, I am using a liteon 48125w I presume this doesn’t have the extra circuitry like the plextor or yammy so I’ll read and write slow!
Cheers Nickram:bow: