Im having a real problem. My NEC 3500 only seems to read commercial dvd (movies) at 5x speed but I thought it should read them at 16x, correct? It registers dvd+rs at a read speed of 16x but not the “real” ones. This is a big problem becuae when I wnat to back up with dvd shrink it takes sometimes 50 minutes (!) to read it before the burning. Thats more than twice as long as my benq. Can someone help me. It there a setting Im supposed to change or something? Willa firmware update help. So far I havent touched the FW since I bought it. HELP.

So maybe it’s time to try some modified firmwares…

why is this a defect? Should I return it? Im not going to “try” and hack it if its broken. What do you think?

it’s not broken…it has a riplock. read the forum faq. you can remove the riplock but the 3500 isn’t the best ripper…but it’s one hell of a burner!!!

so its NOT supposed to read commercial dvds at 16x? I did read the faqs I guess Im confused. So its OK? Can some verify this please (no offense fly)
I thought rip lock was for burning only. Im having a READING issue!

lol…none taken…

ps…your benq won’t read them at 16x either… :wink:

Riplock is a term used for locking the reading speed on a drive for certain media types. For example a DVD-VIDEO will only read back at a certain speed, somewhere around 4X - 5X. This keeps the film makers happy as you won’t be able to backup a DVD very quickly. Another use for riplock is keeping noise levels down when playing back a DVD movie on your PC.

In most patched firmwares riplock has been removed, allowing faster rip speeds, these will generally only affect pressed DVD discs. For DVD5 (SL) the drive will generally reach its max read speed with riplock removed. For DVD9 (DL) the rip speed will be much reduced. In the case of the ND-3500 series drives, about 7X is all you should expect.
Riplock removed can make a drive noisier when playing back pressed DVD’s on your PC.

Riplock is for reading. The drive recognizes the disc is a DVD-Video and limits the speed at which you can rip it. The hacked firmwares removed this limitation so you can then rip at the max speeds allowed by the media type, 16X for single layer or 7X for dual layer. So your drive does not have a problem, it is by design.

RipLock is only for reading… not burning.

so if I remove the riplock it will read the dvds at its peak speed is what your saying about 16x or so, and about 7x for Dual layer media?
is this a popular decision here to remove the riplock? Should I do it (lol)?


does it affect the quality of a dvd back up when its removed? I need al ink to the best firmware out right now that has this feature I m having trouble doing it now because Im at a public comp at my wifes university and the thing it set up weird. Can somone post a link to a non-beta FW for the NEC that is seen as a really good version?

You can use the latest firmwares from Quikee2 or Liggy/Dee-27. You can download those on my page (see link below).

even with riplock removed i have never reached higher than about 14x on sl and 6.8 on dl

16x and 7x are the max assuming a full disc, and few defects. If the disc is not full you won’t get there

Only single layer DVD-ROM discs, you should probably review the specs.

This is for the 3520A, but the 3500A has a nearly identical set of specs.

DVD-Video CSS 5x

The rip lock is there to keep the drive quiet during video playback. All NEC DVD burners behave this way unless patched.

Brother Vlad

so is therea way to tell which commercial dvds are single or dual layer? I know this is dumb, but I guess its the newer ones that are dual, because the older ones I have read A LOT faster when Im using dvd shrink. How come the benq 1620 can read dual layer at like 10x though?

look at the underside,
gold tint is dual layer dvd9
silver is single layer dvd5

whats the newest hacked firmware out right now that has the best riplock removal feature (that can be flashed through windows?) Link anyone?

The best riplock removal feature ? LOL