Reading speed of DVD-R and DVD+R




I would like to know how fast DVD-R can be read by ordinary DVD drives (Toshiba 1612 and JLMS LTD163 for example). I tested an old Memorex DVD-R on these two drives and was disappointed:

only 2-5x on the Toshiba 1612
and the LiteOn starts with 3x and spins up and down and has reading problems

(I used CDSpeed for these tests.)

The DVD-R which I tested was recorded by a first generation device (probably Pioneer 103). Since I am planning to buy a new DVD-R device, I would like to know if the reading speed has been improved.

Please let me know your results and don’t forget to mention your reader and writer.

Thanks for your help.

P.S. When I read DVD+R (recorded by NEC 1100A), the reading speed is perfect on both devices: 6x - 16x! Note that the DVD+R is displayed by CDSpeed as an ordinary DVD-Rom.


When it speeds up and down, it is probably because you use crap discs.

DVD+R read speed is, unlike dvd-r read speed, often not limited artifically. That means, reading crap discs probably won’t work.

It’s the same for Toshiba 1502 and dvd-rw: The speed is not limited, but reading princo dvd-rw is a real problem…