Reading speed is very important with BW5 and safedisk2!

With help from my friend Kamakazee I am now able to back up safedisk 2.7-3.1 titles with no problem using BW5. The key to my problem was read speed. without the tweaker it defaults to maxium…with the bw5tweaker if i set it to 8x to 4x (im anal i leave it at 4x, set the topology extract at 4x also) I can now backup and play all sd titles on my problematic laptop gcc-420N dvd/cdrw drive with no problems.

also i set my write speed in BW5 options to slow becuase i have some media my cdrw does not recognize successfully. you may get away with medium also but i havent tried.

and yes im using autoplay…but even without autoplay i get a better copy with the above method.