Reading speed for DVD+RW

I’m planning on using these for backup but they’ll just be files that i’ll need to copy to the hard drive first… I hope my drive (patched US0N, patched to burn ricohjpnr01 at 8x) will be able to read them faster than 4x… if they don’t, what can I do?

If you are talking about read speed and not write speed you can use omni patcher to increase it to 8x. If you are talking about increasing the write speed of your RW’s, from what I have read this is a no go because of the way they are made.

Yeah I’m talking about read speed… I’m happy with the 4x write speed. So does it default to reading at 4x? I think the 812S doesn’t have any problems with this, whereas other Liteon drives tend to read at either 6x or 4x or something. I’m just wondering if this problem is different with DVD RW or if it happens with all DVD R/RW drives.