Reading/Ripping speeds

Okay thanks for the help on the first question, here’s another n00b question:

how is it possible to increase the reading/ripping speeds of a disk??

i have speedread enabled, silent mode off, udma 4 reported in hardware manager

using a px716a, my average read speed is a slow 4-6x of any type of disk, dvd-r dvd+r, dvd-rom, dvd-rom with Css, etc.

any thing else i’ve overlooked because my old gsa-4160b used to hit 10x during reading/ripping easily…

Try to enable Silent Mode and set Max Read Speed to the highest, click “Save Changes to Drive” and you can disable Silent Mode again.

If that doesn’t help, let us know what software to rip?

tried that, still no good. tried deleting the IDe channels and re-booting. still no good.

then, remembered that while making this years christmas dvd, i had disabled the hard drive’s write behind cacheing ability…DOH

never underestimate one’s ability to screw things up…

now using DVDD, geting over 10x reading/ripping…

Where do you enable or disable the hard drive’s write behind cacheing?

I’m attempting to rip a DVD using Shrink and it’s only ripping at around 5,000KBps where I used to get around 10kKBps.

I did that and I’m still only able to get 8.5x with a dual layer DVD. How are you guys getting 10x? I need to know!

I take that back. Right now I’m getting 10x. However, it isn’t from the very start. This is normal right? It should be working its way up from slower to faster, correct? It starts out at around 4x and then works its way up. Is this normal or is this still look like something is wrong? I’m actually at 10.6x right now using DVDD. How come Shrink cannot hit this type of speed?

Ok, after peaking at 12x it is now going down, further and further from 12x to 11, to 10, to 9, and now it’s down to 8.2. Is this normal at all or does something sound funky?

That is absolutely normal. :slight_smile: