Reading region 4 dvd-r on computer

US Region 1 using AnyDVD v.

I have a DVD-R burned from someone in Australia (Region 4) using a DVD Recorder machine, and I want to view this on my computer. But after installing AnyDVD and inserting the DVD-R, AnyDVD says that “No disc is present” in the drive. Should I be able to view this type of media using this software or should I be using something else? Thanks in advance for your patience and your help!

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Using AnyDVD in conjunction with computer playback software similar to PowerDVD or WinDVD you should be able to view this DVD-R if it was a quality burn that was recorded correctly and doesn’t contain any errors. With AnyDVD displaying the “No disc is present" error notification narrative indicates that either the DVD-R was not a quality burn, that was recorded incorrectly, or contains any errors which prevent viewing.

Suggest viewing the below posting concerning Region Free Region Coding.

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Thank you, blkg! That was very helpful. -s