Reading problems with my new 52/24/52 drive



I bought a 52/24/52 LiteOn drive specially to record music. This has been a disaster so far. I have a dozen of coasters already. Only on 1 CD player, my discs will play. My B&O refuses and in my car it takes a very long time before the disc is detected. Looking at the discs it is hard to see that they have been burnt. I have tried multiple brands of disc and even went down to 4-speed to write. With data discs; no problem. I almost prefer to go back to my 4-speed Sony. At least that one worked. Somebody who can help me. I have tried ClonCD and NERO, as well as EasyCD writer. Nothing seems to help. Can I adjust he burning strenght or power. I also dowloaded and installed the last firmware version for this writer.




sounds like a media problem to me. all the discs u’ve tried have probably been of poor quality. try using media that’s known to be of high quality, such as TY or the new riteks. check the media forum for more.


adjust the reading speed,to say 10x,and then burn at 4-12x to get a good copy.
I do not know,maybe your car laser does not like you cdr media,try buying a few different and burn the same thing,what ever plays in the car - choose and burn on that in the future.
Some audio readers do not like green disc surfaces,or gold,they like silver (printed discs=original),but they like blue surface,try and see.