Reading problems with LTR24102B



I have reading problem with my LTR 24102B.

It started when I tried to burn (with Nero after reading the audiofiles with the burner, and the result was a disaster.

Later on when I tried to rip the audiofiles with audiograbber 1.80 I got reports of ASPI error, and when I run Nero CD-speed it abortes reporting "Reading error at 00:00.00 (code 040803)"

I have Adaptec's ASPI-layer 4.60 and the latest firmware from Lite-on

I have no problem playing audiofiles and acessing data from the burner.

What is the f**** is the problem?
Could it possibly be Micro$oft Widöws?

need help uickly:bow:


Ah, a fellow swede! :slight_smile:

What is the name of the audio-disc you tried to rip?
Read errors may mean you tried to read some protected disc… Or?


Yes the disc may very well be protected.

Try to make an audio disc from files on the harddrive and read that one back…do that work ok?


The thing is that when I use another CD-ROMunit there is no problem ripping the audiofiles. And to copy audio cd with Nero, with the other CD-ROMunit as source also works fine…