Reading problems with a LiteOn SOHW 832S



Hi all.

My LiteOn 832S has recently started behaving strange.

Windows recognizes it without problems, and the device manager tells me “this device is working properly” (ahem…)

Also, yesterday I updated the firmware to VS0M (it had VS0E before that). Again the drive was properly recognized by the flash program, and updated.

However, no matter what CD/DVD I insert, it never shows up. It will spin for a while, then simply stop. When I manually open an explorer window for the drive I either get an empty window, or “please insert a disk in drive…”.

I checked all IDE cables, replaced them, even blew the dust out of the drive - didn’t help…

All help / advice / tips are welcome!




Forgot to mention: after the drive’s initial spin up (when a disc is inserted) the LED will blink three times, then a 2 second pause, another three blinks, another 2 second pause, and a last 3 blinks. Then it stops blinking.

Any ideas, anyone?


It could be dead. Did you use it much? It’s not the youngest model anymore.


I’ve had it for a couple of years now, bought new, when it was the latest and greatest. Didn’t even write 25 DVDs with it, some CDs. But it has done quite a bit of reading, of course.

I’m starting to think that it’s dead too. Bummer. If it really is dead then it tells me something about LiteOn’s products. I have a Plextor sitting right below it, twice the age, and with 100 times the mileage. Still works perfect…

Thanks, en Oranje boven :wink: