Reading problem

I can’t get find any music on a [enhanced] CD I recently purchased. When I play it in my Xbox, it works fine. When I put it in my computer, the enhanced bit autoplays. After shutting down the enhanced program, I am unable to find music on the CD. No tracks show up on it in my media player (winamp), nor do any tracks show up when I explore it with windows explorer. From explorer, the disk only appears to contain data. Even when eplorer is set to display hidden files, the tracks still fail to show up.

I’ve used A-Ray Scanner to look for protection, and it finds none. I’m not positive this is a media protection problem, or a reading error problem. Maybe this is a common problem, but this is my first time buying a CD in years, so I’m kinda out of touch. I have used the search function, repeatedly, but all the keywords I can come up with to search for are so vague that I get all kinds of searchnoise. Apologies if this question a repeat, or just really simple.

I’m running windows me, and my drives are a plextor burner and a toshiba (not a burner, just reads dvd/cd). Cd is the faint - wet from birth.

Thanks in advance.

you need to use a cd ripping app like,say, audiograbber in order to get the audio files recognised and be able to rip them from the CD if u want… isobuster can also be used to view and extract the entire contents of a cd extra CD

So the only way I can listen to my cd is to rip it first?