Reading problem with PX716A


Could you help me… My PX716A has sompe problems with reading DVDs.
Even commercial all new DVDs make it have some problems…


If it’s constantly and the led of your drive is blinking amber(twice), it’s a case for rma.
Just have a look on the led, when you put in the dvd and the drive is starting to read the

this seems to be a very common problem with these drives

Thank you, I’ll try to get a new PX716A… I thought Plextor was “The King Quality”… I’m a bit disappointed because the prices are really higher than other marks !

Does the Px 740A have the same reading problems ?
Thank you again.

I’m about to have my Px-716A RMA’d. Mine won’t read DVD’s OR CD’s (amber light blinks twice). What’s sad is I was very high on Plextor just from reviews and word of mouth, but their technical support is pathetic. The only solution is to RMA? That seems to be the only thing they know how to do. And from what I hear, the drive you get back after you RMA will be a refurbished drive. So I pay to ship back my drive and get a used one back? And I’m suppose to stick with Plextor because of what??? Quality? Service? My next drive will NOT be a Plextor. I’m gonna stick with BenQ or Pioneer…never had a problem with either one.

The 716A is a really good drive, in case you get a good one, at the moment
i’ve no probs with my drives.
The 740 is an OEM BenQ1640, which i have, also a good drive, too!
But with the 740/1640 i hadn’t this problem, till yet.
Maybe better to get a refurbished drive, which works, than a defective new one :wink:

What do you consider “some problems”? Not much to go on. Does it pass the self test for CD/DVD? Reading uses a lower laser power, so if write/read is ok on DVDR media, it should work for pressed media. Try on another system to make sure it is the drive and not some software glitch.

Well, it would be nice to get a working drive the FIRST time and that’s my point. Quality has gone straight out the window with these companies and we are suppose to be satisfied with tthe “The third RMA” was the charm. I don’t think so. While more of our money is going down the drain in shipping costs. Maybe they should factor that into the final purchase price of their drives, since you are bound to RMA at one point or another. No to mention the down time you’ll have when you don’t have a working drive. Guess I’ll know better next time.

Yes, i know what you mean, but it’s not only plextor. Just an example, i got a few days
ago a new replacement drive, it was the BenQ1640, which doesn’t work well and it’s
a new drive. I don’t know where are you livin, but in europe you’ve a good customer
support and you’ll get a new replacement drive. :wink:

Plextor sells writers that it didn’t make?
I don’t understand when you say The PX 740 is a BenQ1640…
If it’s the same, why not buy the BenQ one? Just for the logo?

Yes, hardware Philips-BenQ, with Plextor Logo!
If you’re livin in europe, you can buy it only if you’d like plextor’s support.
I decided to purchase the BenQ1640, it’s cheaper, and you’ve 2 drives(Plextor incl.).
You can use for example Plextor’s firmware and you’ve the 740, or you stay with BenQ
firmware and you’ve the 1640. You’ve always the choice! :slight_smile:

It’s a bit crazy…
Isn’t there a difference of quality between the BenQ and the Plextor, even they are supposed to be the same?

If you mean the 1640 and 740, not really a difference. Like i said the BenQ is cheaper,
and maybe personally for me the better customer service, goes to plextor.
If you mean only the brand’s name, both companies have really good drives. :wink: