Reading problem with 4082b


My new GSA-4082B has problem reading back some of my DVD backup. I used verbatim & Mitshibishi disk for all my backup.

4 out of 10 disk could not be recognized on my LG. However these so call bad disks played perfectly on my DVD player and my other Asus DVDROM and my old iomega dual.

The backup were done with my old Iomega dual (NEC1300 clone).

Burning & reading flesh disk with the LG is OK.

It seem to me that the LG is a fussy reader or my unit is defective. Do any users here have similar problems?

One more question, when a blank disk was inserted, at “MY Computer” when you view is a empty folder on my iomega dual, but on LG it show message like “invalid format”. Is this normal to LG?

which firmware are you using?

are all your backups with the same area code?

I have no problem at all reading all on the 4082B

Using firmware A204.