Reading on old CD

I have a very old CD and although I have tried it in several different CD drives I can not get it to read.

When I put it in the drive all I get is the computer doing about nothing for a good while before deciding that the CD is empty. I have tried this on XP and Ubuntu and get the same result. I have also tried to find other posts and recovery programs but to no avail.

Can anyone help with this?

Try ISOBuster to examine the cd. If it can read the disk, you can probably extract the contents onto the hard drive…unless it is copy protected.

The ISOBuster free version won’t let you extract but probably will read the disc.
You might also try a UDF reader like Nero InCD.Although a warning they sometimes cause conflict problems.

The free version of ISOBuster will allow extraction, unless you are trying to extract UDF, HFS or files made on a Mac. It also won’t extract .vob or .ifo files, but those won’t be on a cd.

Here are the capabilities of the various versions of ISOBuster:

ISOPuzzle is also worth a try. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Kerry56;Your correct I should have read more & ISOBuster might work on the CD’s of the OP.

h2image is worth a try.