Reading multisession?

i have created a multisession CD, but for some strange reason i dont see all the files. all i see are the last files i added. (who cd is data only)
the files i burned are very important to me. is there a way i can choose a session or a track. or maybe there is some 3rd party software which i can use to extract all the files from all tracks? please help

(win32 environment)

(the cd is data only)

Did you ‘close’ the CD? aka ‘finalize CD’

You can xs those cd-r only if your cd-player is capable of reading multi sessions. If you did it with nero you should press r mouse button on the cd-rom so you can view the differant sessions.

Or xs them trough you writer, that should always work

cd was closed(finalized). what do you mean by xs ? detailed information,links, articles would helpful as well

thanks =]

You could try having a look at the CD with ISObuster it is usually quite good at getting files of screwed up CD-R :slight_smile: