Reading (maybe writing?) problems with my LTR40125S

I’ve just started using this burner (I’ve had it like 8+ months), and I am using the latest firmware (0P or whatever). The burner is 40x12x48x, and the media I’m using is Maxell 40x/700MB discs.

Example #1: Burning an ISO of Windows Office XP SP2. Burn it through updated Nero, everything seems to go ok. Burning at the max speed which is 40X, no problems during burn. So the burn finishes, and I attempt to test and see if it works. Insert it into my CDRW drive, and no autorun or anything. Explore it in windows explorer and I find that for some reason it’s coming up as 0 bytes total size and 0 bytes left (basically as if nothing was there at all). For some reason it won’t read it. Now here’s the problem… on my old computer, my 3 year old+ burner can read it fine (old computer OS is 98SE, this computer’s OS is XP Pro)… installs fine and everything. Seems kinda odd that a device that is fairly old would be able to read something that a new device, the one that burnt it nonetheless, would not be able to. Am I missing something or is this common for these drives not to be able to read that kind of stuff?

Example #2: I obtained Blindwrite image files for XXXXXX (don’t bother asking me for them, as I deleted them after I burned the CD and it seemed to be working). Burned it using, everything went well… burned at a slower speed just to be safe. Disc finishes, pop out, pop back in, install, play using the disk, and everything’s fine. For a day or so that’s the case. Now just an hour or so ago, I attempt to use the same disc to play the game, and now when I try to play I get the “Please insert XXXXX disc and try again” when loading up. Did my CDRW drive mess up the disc so it doesn’t work anymore (play-wise), or is there some kind of special protection that does weird stuff like that? A couple days before the same thing happened when I burned the same image file with Nero… worked just fine, played using the disc, couple hours later it didn’t work anymore. I’m not seeing any major visible scratches or anything either. Anyone experience anything similar to this and know what causes it or if there’s a workaround?

*Edit: Some more info about Example #2. When I use the original image files (which I don’t have anymore) it always worked no matter what. Mount them to a virtual drive using Alcohol 120%, and everything’s fine. I tested this just to make sure the copy I burned with Blindwrite worked: I burned the image files using Blindwrite, tested it and it worked fine. Then I used Blindread to make new image files and test those as well. Those worked too. Now with the same CD, when I try to play, it asks for the CD so it doesn’t work anymore. If I make new image files now, those don’t work either. I hope that helps in drawing a conclusion for what could be wrong. Apparently the files are being messed up WHILE in use? That’s the only thing that would make sense, either that or of course there’s some kind of new protection that messes things up.

Thanks, I’m a n00b at this :slight_smile:

Suggest you start by removing any references to illegally obtained software from your post.
After you do that, scan the discs for read-errors using KProbe or CDDr (see the FAQ), and let us know if the discs have high eror rates. As far as I know, Windows CD’s don’t use copy protections, can’t say for sure about OfficeXP. Your drive might be dying at the point where it’s starting to have trouble with bad sectors.

Here’s a scan of Maxell 40x burned at 40x on my 52246S: (CDDr)

You may just need to slow your reading and burning speeds

I’ll get to work on scanning the discs for read-errors… can I use CD Speed that came with Nero? I haven’t used any of these apps before so I don’t know what 90% of the stuff does/means hehe. Maybe which one is most user-friendly for me lol :slight_smile:

Anyways, I also have on the same channel as my LTR40125S, my Lite-On DVD : LTD165. My burner’s the master and the DVD drive is the slave. The DVD Drive has always seemed kind of crapped up (taking a long time to load and stuff), and now for the past few months I’ve been noticing a “clicking” sound whenever my system boots. Since I rarely ever use the DVD drive, I just found out today that the sounds seem to be coming from it. Whenever I insert a disk and close the trey it makes the same noise, as well as sometimes when in operation. I’m guessing that maybe something has fallen out completely so it doesn’t work, maybe one of the heads or something because now it does not work AT ALL! All it does is show up in device manager. If I try to use any discs, burned or retail games, etc., it will not read them. I think I’m going to RMA it ASAP. It’s also possible that since I also attempted to run these CD’s on that drive it could have damaged the disc. I will look into that as well.

Not sure if this is the right test, but from Nero CD Speed’s Scan Disk with File Scan and Surface Scan checked :

Good - 99.85%
Damaged - 0.00%
Unreadable - 0.15%

The Unreadable part is the last block, I’m guessing that’s not a burn error, probably just put there automatically?

Another test, CD Quality Check: Gave me 0 errors. Checked your FAQ and I guess that means there’s no C2 errors.

ACK! Just tested the Office XP Disc with the CD Quality Test on Nero… gave me 755697600 errors, at a 132.4X speed… that sure could explain some things lol :slight_smile:

BTW, of course I know what you mean by slowing writing speed, but what do you mean by reading speed? Do you mean when I’m making the image from the CD or when I’m trying to run a CD (if the latter, then I’m unsure of how to control that).

Unreadable - 0.15%

That’s not good. If you’re burning DAO it shouldn’t be there.
Suggest you download KProbe and scan with that. CDSpeed does not show C1 errors, which is what really indicates the discs’s general quality.

Result of the CD Doctor test:

C1 Min: 0 Max: 22 Avg: 2.625
C2 Min: 0 Max: 0 Avg: 0.000

And yeah I burned with Blindwrite, think I used DAO PW… I burned 40X or 32X if I remember correctly…

Could be that you tried to burn something copy protected? At any rate what you should do is make an image file onto the hard disk of the disc then test that it mounts OK and is readbale in something like Daemon tools or Alcohol. Then burn that image to a new disc and see what happens.

Yeah lol that’s what I’ve been doing :slight_smile: Loading image files in Alcohol 120%… they all work fine. Then for Example #2, burn the image to a CD using Nero or Blindwrite, CD works fine… 1 day later, CD no longer works. That’s where the problem is hehe.

I just got example #2 to work with the disc that stopped working… all I did was update Blindwrite Suite. It looks like some emulation was involved or something like that which needed to be updated. Unfortunately unless I install Blindwrite Suite on my other computer it doesn’t look like it will work. Ok well at least I know it’s not my CD/Burner causing the problem, just whether or not the software I’m using to burn, burns without emulation (I’m new so I may be using wrong terms here lol) so it can be used on almost any drives/computers.