Reading Macintosh CD's on PC



Hi, does any 1 know of a utility that will let me view Apple Mac files on a pc on Floppy and CD’s

Thanx in advance.


have you tried , you might be able to find something there, but i have heard that there is a program out that lets you convert some (i think) mac stuff to pc…but i think i have but the mage in the bin…i’ll have a look


thanx Blueballz i appreciate ur reply, i’ll give that site a try.


Trans Mac 4.2
Let Windows read, write and format Macintosh diskettes

For Win 95/98:

For Windows 2000

For Windows ME

Didn’t check to see whether it are actually 3 different files, but I don’t think so. The file is the same size at all three options (370.5K ) and gets a 5 cow rating at Tucows.

The program is Shareware, but you probably can find your way around that :wink:


Thanx again Taxman, another problem that you’ve helped me out with ur really on form tonight.

Thanx again.


For cracks and stuff goto and .


Thanx Blueballz already went and got the crack.

Thanx anyway.

:wink: :wink: :wink: