Reading Mac CD

I burnt a CD-RW at uni using a blue Dalmation Imac, and cannot read it on my 24x Liteon under WinXP.

I did some research, and found out (quite quickly) that windows cannot understand the HSF format that the Mac’s write in…

…so, is there a way that I can access this CD?

Yeah, there are some programs that do exactly that — unfortunatly I don’t remember the name. Maybe someone else will?

No luck finding any programs to download that work…anyone kow of a good one?

Will point a friend of mine to this thread, he is a Mac expert and knows alot about PCs too. Guess he’ll be able to help you :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late response, been away from cdfreaks for a while, anyway if you want to write a cd on a macOS to be used on a windows OS, I suggest you write your cd in ISO mode that way your pc will be able to read it. There are also some programs that you can use but I can’t remember any names. If you still have problems you can always post it here, I’ll probably read it and hopefully not so late.:bigsmile:

Dataviz Conversions Plus. Unfortunately, it’s $70 and there’s no free trial available.