Reading KProbe 2.x results question

Hi guys,

I’ve searched for info and read as much as I could find relating to KProbe2.x results but as I am new to this so, I’m still a little confused.

As I understand it, the lower the PIF Max total number, the better.

What I am confused about is the relationship between PI Max and PIF Max.

Examples taken from the forums here:

BenQ 1620
PI Max = 51 Total = 22157
PIF Max = 2 Total = 11

NEC 3500a
PI Max = 9 Total = 16690
PIF Max = 7 Total = 94

Liteon 1653
PI Max = 9 Total = 9328
PIF Max = 2 Total = 331

I realize the above may be apples and oranges as some of the burns may have been done at different speeds. For a good comparison, I would compare identical burn speed and media type. I just grabbed those ones for examples.

What I am confused about is what is the relationship of PI Max to PIF Max?? The Benq has the lowest PIF Total but, the highest PI Max Total. The Liteon has the lowest PI Max Total but, the highest PIF Max Total. In other words, what exactly do you look for in a result??

Thanks, Jeff