Reading ISRC Codes from a CD

Ok, so i have 2 Audio Masters, both encoded with ISRC Codes.

Master #1,
ISRC can be read by Milk CD Text Reader and Exact Audio Copy

Master #2,
ISRC can be read by Exact Audio Copy but not Milk CD Text Reader

Any Clues as to why Milk CD Text Reader cannot read the ISRC Code on master #2 ???

Are there different ways to Encode an ISRC code into a disc? Master #2 was created using Nero 7, cant vouch for how master #1 was created though, obviously some difference that i just cant work out?

Any ideas?

Yes, there is a place holder for ISRCs in CD-Text which is in leadin. Next, ISRCs can be recorded in the Q channel subcode throught the actual length of the track.


So im assuming the Milk CD Text Reader has just read the ISRC from the CD Text part of the disc and the master is cannot read the ISRC code from must have it encoded into the Q Channel Subcode?

Any ideas what software can i used to encode the ISRC into the Q channel subcode AND the CD Text area so i can be safe and sure?

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