Reading graph very strange - please explain it to me?



Hello! I’m burning a lot of Digitex 4x DVD+R disks with mediacode OPTODISCOR4. I then tried to test them with Nero CD-DVD Speed and got very strange differences on my NEC ND-2500 and Sony DDU-1612 drives. I use 1.07v2b5 for NEC ND-2500 and original DYS3 for Sony DDU-1612. Could anyone explain me why NEC shows almost perfect line and Sony shows such a weird graph? Also locking Sony speed to 4x with CD Bremse and scanning the media with KProbe 2.2.2 shows a really bad results like average PI more then 1200 and PIF more then 200, why? Disks reads perfectly, no errors in DVDInfoPro…

Please help me to understand this, because I guess I’m too stupid to catch the idea…


Well for one thing the NEC is starting at 3.24 and topping out at 7.84
The Sony is reading fine up til 9.5 or so then having problems reading full speed on that crap burn.

The NEC would probably show similar results if it could attempt to read the disc at the speeds the Sony is.


Exactly! :slight_smile:

And don’t trust the KProbe scans too much… although I’m surprised that your Sony drive doesn’t refuse to read it until the end, if it reports those amounts of errors…


You already have CD Bremse. Lock the speed of 1612 to 8x then try the scan.