Reading files on the hard drive


I have several DVD movie files uploaded to my hard drive via DVD Shrink. Unfortunately, for lack of hard drive space, I’ve saved new stuff in titles named for previous things and no longer remember what is saved.

I tried opening the files on the computer to see what they are, but haven’t been successful. Many of the files say that QuickTime doesn’t recognize them, and others just won’t open at all. Other than just burning each one to DVD-R, I don’t know how to identify them. How can I read them on my computer for identification purposes? Also, I would think I should be able to watch them on my computer without using my original DVD.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Try using VLC, which is a free media player with native ability to play dvds.

And try opening files that end in .IFO in VLC whenever possible. IFO is the ‘information’ about the DVD, and will automatically find any menus or video.