Reading Faded DVD-R's

Hi All,
I have STF, but can’t find any conclusive answers, so here goes;
I’ve got some early (and quite cheap) DVD-R’s, I recorded on them from about 3.5 to 2.5 years ago on a Pioneer DVR-104. I’ve since chaned to a NEC-3500A, and I tried to read a 3.5 Year old one and it wouldn’t even see the disc.
The Manufacturer ID on the discs is VIVISTAR (ok, I’ve never heard of them either). In my defence, I’m sure that these discs were advertised as RITEKG03’s which I thought were ok, and a couple of the discs from the same cake-box do have the RITEKG03 ID, but I digress.
Can anyone offer any help or advice on reading faded DVD’s? Can anyone recommend a good reader/writer that may work? I realise I’m clutching at straws, but the data is unique and the backup is on the same media (at the time I hadn’t heard of DVD’s fading, I though they were permenant :doh: )

Thanks for you help


Of the generally available readers, BenQ is considered the best. I would doubt that you will do any better on discs that don’t show up though. Welcome to the problems with Ritek.

And welcome to the forum as well.

The MID is surely VIVASTAR, not Vivistar!

Thanks for the answer, is it any particular Benq ? Are pure readers or reader/writers better? Thanks

oops, you’re right it is VIVASTAR, It was late (well thats my excuse!)

The reputation started with the 1620 and some earlier but the 1640 and 1650/55 seem to be as good. Avoid the DQ 60 as it is not BenQ but a rebranded drive.

My impression is that the writers are the best readers.

With G05, several guys could retrieve the data with a LG4167B drive. Maybe this could help.

I’ve recovered several trashed G05s (which my LG4163 wouldn’t read) with LiteOn drives - one older drive, one newer. :slight_smile:

:doh: I forgot about your own G05 experience, sorry :o

Cheers :slight_smile:

Are the LiteOn’s Reader/writers, could you let me know model numbers please ?
I’ve got an old Liteon Reader on my other PC which won’t even recognise some of the Discs that the NEC can see (but not read)

edit: :doh: I’ve just seen your newer drive in your Sig. Sorry. :slight_smile:



Yep, the newer drive is a very forgiving reader, I’m finding…the older drive that also read the trashed discs is a burner too - an LDW-851 (crossflashed to an SOHW-832) - but I wouldn’t recommend that drive ( the older one) even if you could find one, it’s not too good a burner (or error scanner!). :slight_smile:


Not a problem! :bigsmile:

Hey, those Vivastar DVDs are antique, 2 or 3 years old I think…

Yep, and not only are they old, they’re also rubbish :slight_smile: