Reading error while accessing Backup DVD

Hi guys and ladies (If there’s any. Sorry for my ignorance),

Got myself a LDW - 401S, Lite-On DVD-RW, using WhineME. I’ve been backing up my files on DVDs. When I insert my DVDs, it says 648MB, which is fine by me. Then when I’m done burning and the files have been verified by NERO, it still says 648MB. I know my files are in there when I CopyDVD it to my HD. What’s the point of it when it’s called a ‘Backup’?

P/S: Some of the DVDs are viewable. Then they revert back to their original status of 648MB.

  1. There are no drivers for this DVD-RW, only firmware.
  2. Is the DVD the problem here?
  3. Is there a way to de-sensitive the DVD-RW?

Thanks in advance y’all.

I got this fixed by updating the Firmware. Thanks anyway.