Reading DVD-RAM under XP - File System unknown




I am attempting to read some DVD-RAM (2.6 GB/side) cartridges on a Windows XP computer using a Matshita MultiDrive. The contents of the cartridges are not recognized and an error is displayed when I click on the drive in My Computer. In fact, the label on the drive indicates that it is a CD when I insert the DVD-RAM. The cattridges are recognized under NT4 just fine and can be read from and written to. I took the drive (Pioneer) out of the NT4 system to see if the drive had anything to do with the problem with the same results. There must be some incompatibility between this file system on the DVD-RAM and XP but I don’t know what and have been searching for some time.

I tried using a UDF file reader on the XP system and it gets a little further in that the contents of the folder is now empty.

I’d appreciate any help/leads that could help me ready this legacy data on an updated computer. Thanks in advance.


What format/Filesystem revision and content were used on that media?

And most important, what DVD-RAM revision is the DVD-RAM media?
They are not downwards/upwards compatible!


Thanks for the reply …

The media is a DVD-RAM 5.2 GB (double sided) Maxell, Type I, VD-RAM52F. Data is written to both sides.

I’m not sure what the format/file system is on the media. I used a tool called Gear and that toolkit couldn’t determine this information either. Windows properties calls is RAW which doesn’t help either. On NT4.0, I can read/write to and from so I believe there must be some form of FAT/udf on this media but I don’t know.

The contents of the disc is audio (wav) and video (dvm) files. Thanks again.