Reading DVD RAM on PC

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I recently purchased an NEC DVD Rewriter - ND4571A and tried to read DVD RAM didcs recorded on a Panasonic DMR-EZ45V.

Windows explorer shows that there are files there, but Windows Media Player and Nero recard the DVD as empty.

Is there any software out there that can read these recordings?

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Your dvd home recorder uses a format called DVD-Video (VR) - sorry if not more precise, because you can have -vr, +vr and guess ram-vr - that it is not exactly a video file WMP can handle.
Nero can deal with this kind of files but only the ones it generate cause no probs at all.

Files inside a DVD-RAM VR shall have the extension VRO. right?
Normal DVD-video files have the VOB extension and you can find them inside Video_TS folder of a DVD structure.

You don’t need to finalize this disc to read in your recorder and the best way to use them in the PC or other home DVD players would be to convert it o DVD-Video.

My favoutite way:

Using Ulead Videostudio9
Import the VRO files (just point it the files source - folder)
VideoStudio import process changes them to Mpeg2
Use the Mpegs to author a DVD you can use in the normal way.

I found a thread dealing with this. You can have a look (sorry didn’t read it to the end, but seems to bring some help):
You can also search at:

If you had a normal data DVD-RAM or a disc where you did write music files to (as you would do to the HDD) you should have any problems to read the discs. But you could’d do it using a home digital DVD/HDD recorder.

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The thread you gave me indicates that Nero Vision will do what I need. As I already have this, but haven’t insatalled it yet, I will try this first. If not I will look at Ulead Videostudio9.

My main requirement is to transfer anything I want to keep from the expensive DVD RAM format to cheaper DVD-R discs and reuse the DVD RAM.

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That’s a way to use it, as DVD-RAM stands for much more recording sessions than the other DVD formats (+ or -), and very flexible when used with home recorders (guess -RW also quite versatile but only stands for a maximum 1000 recordings compared to the 100000 ram can achieve).