Reading DVD-RAM on Other Machines

Ok, I think I messed up. I recorded something onto a DVD-RAM with my Panasonic video recorder, but now I can’t view it on anything else! Apparently none of the DVD drives I have access to will read DVD-RAM. They are all DVD-ROM or DVD-R/RW. Am I totally screwed, or is there something I can do to get those drives to read my disk? :doh:

Your PC drive must be RAM capable. Most newer models are, and can be bought for ~$40 shipped in most cases. You may also want to look into a RAM driver, such as the Panasonic RAM driver, if you also want to be able to write to and format RAM discs in UDF-2.0.

Bit of a sweeping statement that. Only a few of mine are DVD-RAM readers.


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Your options are limited really.

Either you buy a new DVD-RAM compatible drive or find a friend/work colleague to copy it to a normal DVD disc.