Reading dvd-ram disk question

A church has asked me to convert 60 DVD-Ram disks to an external HD. The problem is I’ve never worked with DVD-RAM media and I recall there being a plastic casing over the DVD-RAM disk thus requiring (I think) a special drive to read the media.

I’ve found a few DVD drives that claim to read DVD-RAM media but it appears that I’d have to remove the DVD from the casing. I also worry about compatibility. Does anyone have a recommendation on a drive? Can someone clear up my questions about the casing?


The casing of the DVD-RAM can be removed wothout problem and won’t cause anykind of problem at all. As far as I know you need no special drive to read ram media /a.k.a I have an ordinary dvd-rw drive and that can read it too, also my previous dvd-rom could/.

Evethough if you have a DVD-RAM type I then this can not be done as of you cannot remove the casing and since I’ve never met one I have no idea if ordinary drives will play them or not.

If you look at this image you’ll be able to tell if the DVD-Ram you have is wheter a type II or not /it’s type II on the picture, color and brand may differ though, this is the most common, my panasonic DVD-Ram looks like this too/:

If it’s type II then this image will show you how to open up the casing so that you can remove the disc: Dvdramopen2.gif

You have to have the dvd burner with RAM reading and writing capability (like NEC- 4151.