Reading DVD-R written with Pioneer writers

I have a pioneer 105, when i make data copies and want to view them it takes ages or never to read the disk

i have a lite on dvd drive LTD163D

its slow in the liteon and the pioneer!

anyone know a fix, also DMA is enabled, system running ATA100 all Hard disks

The pioneer is IDE1 Slave
The liteon is is IDE2 Master

I am having problems with my pioneer DVR104 i have the latest firmware from the pioneer site its version 1.33. the problem is when i write a dvd movie on to a dvdr when i go to read it back i cannot gfet an image from it… the program i am using is prassi primo dvd 2.0 any help woule be well appreciated!!!

Jew (rich)

I edited the thread title so that other people can see what this thread is about.

What image? The video in DVD-Video or DVD disc image like .iso? You cannot access any file in the disk?


Thanx for the edit :wink:

its a image i created from a dvd less than 4.7gb using prassi its a .GI file…

Thanx Rich

Oh yea i can access the file on the disc infact i can play the disc back fully in a dvd player or on a dvd rom but for some reason cannot re image it… weird!!

not wierd at all
standalone dvd players don’t use crc checks
pc players do!

don’t use firmware 1.33 it was designed to cripple the
pioneer a04/104 so it would not write correctly to
unauthorised media (people who didn’t give pioneer a cut)
use v1.31 or any of gradius 2x 4all firmware versions.

not wierd at all
standalone dvd players don’t use crc checks
pc players do!
What are you speaking about
:confused: If a POF occurs, stupid windows reports a CRC error (instead of a POF). A settop just does not stop because of one POF.

Ever thought about getting better media?