Reading DVD+R media in a Samsung SN-324F

Hi everyone,

I have a Gateway 200ARC laptop with a Samsung SN-324F CDRW/DVD Combo drive. I’ve been burning some DVD+R DL discs with an NEC 3550A drive (bitsetted to DVD-ROM) and had no trouble reading them on a Lite-On 163D on my desktop. The Samsung drive is very finnicky with these discs, however - some read partially, others not at all. I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar difficulties. I just gave myself a crash course on booktypes and bitsetting and I believe I have properly set the booktype to DVD-ROM for these discs to increase compatability, so I don’t suspect it’s a problem there. My guess is that it’s the Samsung drive itself.

Any thoughts?

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Are you using Verbatim discs and have you checked the burn quality (do a Transfer Rate Test in Nero CD-DVD Speed at least, a Disc Quality scan is even better, if you have acccess to a scanning drive)?

Lite-On’s are known to be good readers and the Samsung laptop drive probably hadn’t heard of DL when it was made. If the first paragraph checks out OK, there may be little you can do about this. I doubt there’s a firmware update available for the Samsung, but you can always look for one (check the Gateway website first). It may or may not help…

Not using Verbatim actually - using FujiFilm (manufactured by Ritek), which I understand are some of the lowest quality. Perhaps that could be it?

I’m not really up to speed on all these various disc tests - what will a disc quality scan/transfer rate test tell me? Also, what do you mean by a scanning drive? Should I not use the drive I normally use to burn to run these tests?

As far as compatibility and burn quality, nothing beats Verbatim.

Not all DVD-burners can do Disc Quality scanning with Nero CD-DVD Speed (BenQ and LiteOn are the main two that can). All DVD-drives can do a Transfer Rate Test however.

TRT will show slow downs in reading back poorly burnt discs. DQ will show the amount and value of correctable errors on the disc (as seen by the scanning drive).

You may be able to do a DQ in the NEC, but the results may not be 100% representative. Check it out in the NEC burner forum. You can do a TRT in both the NEC and LiteOn.

Ritek DL?

Bad idea, I think. Maybe you can find out ore by quality scanning them.

Thanks for the helpful replies!

At this moment I am doing a disc quality scan of of the Ritek DL media on my lite-on drive, and the score is currently at 23. :o

I don’t suppose the low score has anything to do with the fact that I’m reading DL media in a non-DL drive? :frowning:

What Liteon drive do you have? The 163? It’s a DVD-ROM and not recommended for scanning.

You can use KProbe with Liteons.

Yes, I have a 163D. I gather it’s best to use the recorder then to scan the disc?

Only Transfer Rate Test on the LiteOn (see my post #4) :slight_smile: