Reading DVD-R/DVD+R But no "commercial" DVD's

Hi all :slight_smile:

Drive : sosw-852s

My problem with my drive is really driving me crazy , first i had problems with writing dvd’s
Firmware upgrade did the trick…
Now I can’t Play any commercial dvd ( region 2), It just spins and winxp won’t regonice a dvd in the drive ( whatever prog I try to reach the dvd , it just won’t regonice it)
I tried to make my drive region free. I tried several firmwares, no differance…

DVD+R/DVD-r It read’s without any problems , so it must be something with the region code…
Can please someone help me out here ? thanks…

Welcome(Belatedly):). Congrats on your first post.
Check the FAQs for further region-free info. Follow the links and you may find your solution. Let us know if you find your solution.

It tried all of the region free programs…
It does’nt make any difference :sad:

Could it be the firmware? I am using right now prs7
Any other suggestion ?

I think the dvd read dvd-5 with no problemns , only on dvd9 it just hangs en don’t regonice the disk as dvd

Hmmmmm… my girlfriend has right the opposite problem with her 832s it
will read dual layer pressed commercial DVD’s but will not read a single layer
pressed commercial DVD. It is like your drive it has no problem reading + or -
DVD disks or writing to them or reading pressed dual layer disks it just stopped
reading the single layer disks all at once. :confused:

exactly , I have got the opposite, can you recall when it happenend , maby we can fount out what is causing the problem…
The last time a was able to read dual layer disks was just before I burned a dvd , after that ( a couple of days , so it can be something else) it just stopped…
THe stupid part of this story is that it happend before, but i can’t remember wat i dit to correct it, I think a firmware change, but that did’nt work right now…
Please anyone any help? I don’t want to throw my drive away ( But I really are into burning the drive with real fire right now :a always something with lite-on! )

If I remember right I believe her problem started after a failed burn she was backing up a movie
and the power went out. I’m begining to think it maybe somehow killed part of the read laser or
something like that so I guess that I’ll end up having to buying her a new 1693s :sad: :doh:

Now I Think About… there was a power break-down a couple of days ago ( I have a laptop so it woudn’t hurt with my battery) but I went into stand-by
Not while burning… Hmm I think there is a solution for it , waiting for someboy who had the same thing , and solved it , help us :slight_smile:

My 812@832 reads nearly all pressed DVDs but recently it refused to read 3 pressed videos and one pressed data disk. I also have a Pioneer A05 which read the disks easily.

Reads burned DVDs and CDs without any problems and has no problem with pressed CDs.

A strange problem indeed and I know how confused you must be - I certainly was and still am.

I am sure nog the only one having this problem , is there any news/solution for it ?