Reading DVD(R) crashes on ND-4571

My newly acquired 4571 proofs to be very instable at reading burned DVDs. I haven’t been able to test it with pressed DVDs. Reading of CD(RW) goes OK.

What happens exactly is that the drive ‘crashes’ during scanning (with Nero CD-DVD Speed) and while copying something from disk to harddrive. (comparable to a LP that starts skipping when the tracks get bad). It starts seeking noises and it won’t stop doing so. This happens with discs burned by the ND2500A and the 4571, both DVD-R and DVD+R. I do not have other ones to my disposal.

It seems the problem occurs when I produce load (primarily HD activity) by starting up a program, or even Windows Explorer. I finally succeeded in making a 100% scan (all sectors readable and good) by not touching my system during scanning and making sure it would not go to screensaver.
After, I started te scan over, and started up Windows Explorer while it was scanning; resulting in an immediate reading crash and the described seeking noises. It didn’t come out of it after HD activity stopped.

My question is, is this problem because of the immaturity of the drive (since it is one of the newest models), will or could it be solved by new firmware? Or is my drive probably a faulty model and should I send it back to the shop I bought it? Or could it be that my system is producing this problem? The latter seems unlikely, because the 4571 replaces a 2500 (in the exact same system, same configuration. Only thing different is that I added a TV card) which has worked perfectly for the past two years.

Information concerning my configuration
Shuttle Barebone with nForce2 chipset (nVidia drivers 5.10 installed)
Harddisk (WD) is Primary Master and NEC 4571A Secundary Master, both jumper configured
DMA is on (Ultra DMA 33 mode)
Windows XP SP2, recently newly installed, when the NEC2500A was still in the systeem.

(PS. I could record the sound it makes if that would help)


Goto [Start] ->[Control Panel] ->[Administrative Tools] ->[Event Viewer]

Report Application errors and System errors that occured in the time span you where using Nero Cd/dvd application, this will give forum viewers a better idea as to your problem.


If you are able to get a different PC, do a clean XP install (without any extra software) with minimal third party software installed. And test your drive again.



I made some graphs in dvd speed:

Reading performance is unusually unstable in my opinion. This is with no load on the system.

The red C2 Spikes you see are caused by harddisk activity. The first major spike is when I started up FireFox, the rest is websites loading. As you can see, the rest of the disc is quite good.

Unfortunately I do not have a second pc here at my disposal to try it on.
The Event log gives me no events when the problem occurs. I do see some cd rom errors in the system event log, complaining about a bad block: [I]The device, \Device\CdRom0, has a bad block.[/I] but that happend earlier today, probably when I tried to copy some files from the disk. One file read fine, the second crashed at the beginning.

Oh, and one other thing, I tried removin the nVidia IDE drivers from my system, and scanned/copied again with the default Microsoft drivers. Didn’t change anything. Reinstalling 5.10 drivers again didn’t work either.

The root of all evil is here the IDE drivers combined with not-reliable (IMO) media. :rolleyes:

I don’t see what that has to do with reading errors on a perfectly fine disc

PS. I’ll go and find some pressed DVD, hang on

It has. Just read some more threads/posts here in this forum…

Not that I want to be stubborn (I believe you if you say so) but how can you explain then, that thesame disc and douzens of others can be read without a single problem by my ND-2500 ánd my Pioneer A06? If they can, this drive should too, surely because it is newer.

PS. Scanning a pressed DVD goes OK until I start up a program. The reading speed drops to under 1x (round 0.5-0.6) and continues at ~1x all of the way. So the only difference is that with this pressed DVD it can continue reading, but HD activity still influences it.

btw I had to turn on AnyDVD for it to work. So it can hardly be called reliable

edit: now it continues to read with 7x, after scanning at 1x for a while

I’m getting the strange feeling that it is my system. Every time my harddisk gets active my tv card gets problems (a bit of surfing while I was watching Barça-Milan made the sound and image stutter). Is it normal that harddiskactivity has such an impact on a system?

Yup, that can have a big impact on your system.

Are the hdds running in DMA mode?

Harddisk is running in ATA100 mode, ND4571 is running in ATA33 mode

When I get home I’ll try installing 4.27 nVidia drivers. Maybe they perform better.
I think that if it does not make a difference I will try to swap it for a 3550.

installing 4.27 chipset drivers instead of the 5.10 improves things only marginally. I would have to reinstall windows to be sure. But something tells me that won’t help, and I definately do not feel like taking the time to do it.
So it goes RMA

You would have to re-install windows??

Well, that would be the last remaining possibility to try to solve this problem, that’s what I meant to say.

Use devicemanager to uninstall nvidia ide drivers and then install the m$ ide drivers…

Power supply issues? That’s really the only thing that makes sense. Before that, try unplugging/replugging in all the power-supply connectors to each device and the motherboard

Latest update:
I got myself some recommended media for this drive to test with (TDK8x DVD+R). It shows exactly thesame issue, with the only difference that the reading is bit more stable. Media can therefore be ruled out.
As for the drivers, I now have the default MS drivers installed and it does not do the trick either. Then I disabled all the tweaks I had done to my system with TweakXP. No effect.

The power supply is 200Watt, I shall try to disconnect every device and try again. I shall also remove my TV card from the system.

Oh how happy I am :smiley: It seems to be fixed. the remark about the power supply got me in the right direction. I found out that the hard disk and the dvd drive were both on thesame power cable. I had one spar hanging in the case. Used that one to connect Drive and HD both to different power cables. Now it starts reading at +6x, instead of the 3x. And starting Firefox does not give the problem anymore.

Now I will connect every USB device one by one, and put the timings of my system back to agressive.

Glad I could help!