Reading DVD disk with LG drive

I have an issue that started recently. I have an LG CD/DVD reader (older model and don’t remember the specific model, but don’t believe it is relevant here).

The problem is that it will no longer recognize DVD disks (originals or copies). It will read a CD fine, but when I put in a DVD disk, windows explorer and any other programs just says there is no disk.

My other drive that I use to burn disks is fine and is not having any problems with DVDs.

I uninstalled the device, firmware is as current as it will get, but still same issue. I have had the drive for probably 6 or 7 years so it might be time to replace it, but it was working fine up until about a week ago.

Thanks in a advance for any ideas.

Test it in another computer.
If it fails, the dvd part is dead.
Also try to clean it.

Will try cleaning it (simple thing hadn’t thought off).

Figured a burner is cheap and this one being so old and only a DVD/CD reader might as well replace it. If I am going to have to pull it, might will just replace it at this point. The way my desk and computer are setup it is a pain to open the case as I have to disconnect everything.

Any suggestions on a reliable, mid-range burner? I have a good higher end burner that I bought only a few months ago.

thanks for the suggestions.

Newer Pio & optiarcs.

Hello :slight_smile:

To add to chef’s input, I’d go for another LG (mine have served me very well), an Optiarc or a Samsung.

I’m not surprised at 6 or 7 years for an LG! Mind you, that’s a good run for any drive :wink: