Reading DURING acceleration = only old drives?

Why are some rather old drives such as GDR8162B and eTAU108 capable of reading data from

discs during acceleration, but newer drives such as BE14NU40 and SE-208DB are unable to do


The BE14NU40 is a high-class drive with excellent recording quality. Only 34 C1 errors in

total on a low quality, but fresh CD-RW (scanned with LiteOn). Sounds unrealisticly low. And

ZERO C2 errors.

But why are these excellent, modern and new drives not capable of that?
Reading during spin up can be useful and make the computer smoother, because mostly, the

eTAU108 (2007) has read 25 MB of data ahead of the SE-208DB (2014), just because the SE-

208DB waits until the full drive speed is reached. Sometimes, the SE-208DB does actually

stop for the fraction of a second at ×4, ×6 and reads one sector each time, before hitting

full ×8 speed. Also for live CDs, waiting until acceleration finished.

This sounds like a classic weakness from TSST, because also their old S182 and H653B waits

first, while the GDR-H20N from HL-DT-ST does not wait and read during spin-up. But why did

the BE14NU40 need to copy that weakness?

I can understand, if the drive needs to accelerate to a specific speed before writing,

but for reading, there is nothing, that can go wrong.