Reading DRU-800 Serial Number

Is there a internal serial number to a Sony DRU-800? I purchased one online but the labels are gone except for a little label stating a serial number with DRU-800. I know about omnipack and wonder if there is a way to read the serial number to compare.?. Can a tech shop or Geeksquad/BestBuy have access to equipment to read it?

why do you need to know the serila number?

As I stated, I want to compare the internal number to the label to see if they match. If they do not I would know the model is fake and maybe I could prove the real model number by the serial number. The company may have changed the eprom and windows would read another drive as dru-800a.

Or is it rewriten inside the drive? I do not want to break the void if the drive is working and the company argue I swithced internal parts.

are you paranoid?
why should anyone change the internal drive id to sell you a fake? why do you think it’s fake? the model number can only be changed in the firmware. just try to flash your drive with a dru-800a firmware and you’ll see.

I bought the drive on Ebay and people haved been know to pass off fakes on Ebay. The drive case does not look like the pictures I have seen of the drive and the labels have been removed. Why do people remove labels, usually to hide the truth. I know the firmware can be altered to display what is not true.

The other thing is whenhaving this knowledge it is possible to misuse it…

Anyway, use DVDInfoPro and check the drive info.