READING dreamcast disks on regular liteon cd-rw

i wonder if it is it posible to read dreamcast disks with the truman utility ?
beacose the truman utility can read from any lba value !!!

you cant read orig. DC disx because of their higher density, “they” used some special DC <-> PC cable connection and a upload soft to read out the game data. I also doubt DVD drives can read those disx, cause they use a different format.
Anyway, maybe you better deal with some bax. :wink:

CU, Sam

try these sites:
and what u want is:

yea but i herd that a good cd-rw drive could read at that density with very low speeds !

No, as sam said it can’t be read. Many of the dreamcast disks have a first session which is near the beginning of the disk and can be read by a cd-rom/cd-rw drive. How ever this is just information and sometimes a small PC application - no game data.

The game data is on a second session - which have a higher density and cannot be read by cd-rw drives.

I remember reading somewhere that some Yamaha Drives could read the discs as they developed the GDROM technology i think there were some SCSI based ones. I think you may have needed a firmware patch i just remember reading about it.

What about the plex premium and its ability to use and read gigarec recorded disks?

i want to say that the truman utility can read past the leadout of the first session into the second part of the disk where the game is !!
SUMARY:: we can put the laser head as far as we want from the begining of the disk
somethink like the rings done with the psx protection but this time reading
The truman utility can actualy read past the leadout of the first small sesion containing multimedia things !!

In order to read a GD-rom of Dreamcast you need a cable dc–pc (not recommended it takes a lot of hours to extract a disc) or a nice broadband adapter (bought at ebay :stuck_out_tongue: ) that is capable to read a gd in about 20-30 min only, using concrete software of megagames page and a special boot cd to connect dreamcast to PC via LAN

To write them a nice plex premium is very useful to fit 984 mb of a typical gd in a 80 min. cd with the help of gigarec function.

the question is, will the dreamcast read the gigarec discs??

Definitively yes; Dreamcast gd-reader can read up 120 min without probs. Gigarec function works perfectly with mine; the only problem is that making self-bootable games is not possible, because of writing method in DAO method and not multisession, using TAO mode.

can you use the utopia boot disc to play gigarec recorded cds on the dreamcast??

yes I had games in 99 min that were used with utopia boot cd; before I bought the plex premium.

Now I simply convert my 80 min. cds into 99 and 120 min cds using gigarec and work perfect. Moreover with that capacity there is no need to remove content of the games.

guess gigarec arrived a little late, it could have been used by the ripping groups that released the DC images back in the days, i dont have a BB adapter so the only way i can rip them is with a chainsaw

You can read DC discs fine if you fix the TOC size to the right value. The real toc is at sector 45016…

Parker wrote:
making self-bootable games is not possible, because of writing method in DAO method and not multisession, using TAO mode.

I’m pretty shure it is possible, because in DAO (disc at once -raw96) the complete CD inclusive different sessions is written just at once, not only one session.
I can’t imagine why gigarec shouldnt work the same like usual DAO (besides the
compressed write style),
where you can burn selfbootable DC disx (like with Disc Juggler ISOs which are
in one piece).
If its not possible, gigarec is just capable to create (a single?) Track At Once session,
which I dont believe.

what you’re really looking for is probably that:

i havent tried it yet, so no guarantee that it’s legit. the mentioned tools do exist. i’ll give it a shot when i find the time.