Reading Discs that burned on the nec 2500A Only At X2 With Readers

Hello maybe someone can help me.
i have Nec 2500A , and ASUS DVD-E616P Reader
and also i saw the same problem with LG 16x48 Reader :

The discs that were burnt (DVD+RW,DVD-ROM(After bitsetting) , DVD-R) at the nec at :
X4 (start) - X8 (end)

but the readers only read them at X2.5 !!!

note: both drives are with hacked firmwares ofcaurse.

Am i doing somthing wrong , did anyone had the same problem ??

Thanks :smiley:

I get that if i use bitsetting
guess the reader doesnโ€™t like bitsetting
bet they work fine if not bitset