Reading disc test results?



First off, big THANK YOU to Oman for all the good advice so far :slight_smile:

Is there a place i can learn what the PI and PO failures actually mean?

I tested a disc (verbatim mo3) that had 30 PO failures and a score of zero, yet when put into my PS2 it played fine :eek:

So what does it all mean

Seems my Ricohjpn01 discs are performing much better, is this normal





Look at this thread: “Interpreting PI/PO error scans” for a detailed discussion. Also the “great KProbe thread” somewhere gives valuable information.

Rule of thumb: PI Error should not exceed 280 for a longer time. PI Failures is what will be used to computer the Quality Index in Nero CD DVD Speed. PO Failures (Parity Outer) should not happen at all! IIRC those are Failures the Error correction cannot correct anymore, while PI Errors (Parity Inner) are corrected by PI and PI Failures are corrected by PO. You will find errors even on the pressed DVDs, even CDs. Floppy disks with their low data density use ECC as well, same with hdds - you just cannot measure them (only if they fail). hdds may give some info about them in the SMART data, AFAIK. This is not an exact explanation - read those recommended threads to learn more :wink:

But: I dont know what PS2 disc you copied and with what software. If you used a great copying tool (for copy-protected games, e.g.) it may be it copied defective sectors from the source disc! You may want to scan the source disc with CD DVD Speed, DVDInfo Pro or KProbe - maybe these PO Failures were copied 1:1 from it. I cannot tell you for sure as I only do backups.

Normally I would consider Verbatim (do you mean MCC 003? mo3 I havent seen so far…) a good and reliable media. But maybe “mo3” is some cheaper stuff Verbatim sells under his good brank name - guess you would see more complaints about them soon! Ricohjpn01 I havent had so far, too, but many ppl here are very satisfied with them, so if they are better, dont wonder.



Once again guys i am indebted

Sorry about the description of the Verbatim discs, they are the ones that you mentioned Oman, I was just being lazy

What I should have also told you was that the back-up was a movie.

It was one i already had on my HDD, so I did a copy onto the Verbatim which scored ZERO and then onto the RicohJPN01 which scored 97!

I mean it makes no differance to me because the Ricohs are way cheaper than the other brand

Must just be that the drive with G7P9 prefers the X4 jpn01 than the X8 mmc003 ( forgot to mention that ) :bigsmile:

By the way Oman my drive was made in October 2004 in Malaysia, I burnt an audio cd yesterday in 3 minutes with a score of 100, hope that helps

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  1. always mention the media type as exact as possible because it will get you much quicker replies, media code as well as packaging (jewel case, cakebox, whatever) - while someone may be able to help, maybe he is too lazy too to ask back about specifics.

  2. ok when it was a movie, my assumption about copyprotection was of course not appropriate.

  3. if your problems with the Verbatim media persist with more disc, you should consider to email Verbatim and complain. Include as much info as possible (serial # of the DVD+R and so on). Maybe you just got a bad batch of DVD+Rs. I am pretty sure Verbatim want to keep their image as good as it was and may be able to help you somehow. The serial #s may help them to find out whether there were problems in their manufacturing processes.

  4. I am using G7P9 as well and have no problems with the MCC003 though they are not as good atm as they used to be, according to other users here.

  5. Your drive is from the same date/place as mine. If you flashed to G7P9 yourself (i.e. it did came with, my came with G7L9) and problems persist, you may again try to downgrade to L9 and then do the update to P9 the way many ppl describe as successful here in the forum. Its like “boot to Windows safe mode, flash drive with L9, reboot twice(!), burn test disc, to safe mode, flash P9, reboot twice, done” as L9 appears to be the magic “drive reset” revision but opinions vary here. Some had to do it to get a good update, others did not. But apparently no one who did it this way had problems so far.

  6. Also for CD-Rs, information about brand and media type may be of interest. But if your burn worked as good as you describe (I just burned a disc on Tdk CD-R80 up to 52x cakebox, CMC media, code 97m26s66f, @16x like I mostly do for audio and scored 97 which I think is ok for this media.



Just borrowing this thread a litle if it’s ok.
Does it matter at what speed you do your cd-tests?
Would make sense and would explain why I seem to get such good results since it’s only spinning at around ~1x.
(Why does it spin at around 1x? (doesn’t matter what I set the speed setting to) Thought it had to do with riplock but I got the same speed when trying to scan my HL2 dvd).


the actual std for pi/pie error checking is at 1x speed. that being said, the accepted convention is to scan a 4x with kprope and at 8x with cd speed on the benq 1620…


Ok, so I thought i would try out the magic reset

When I tried to flash back to G7L9 it tells me NO DRIVE SUPPORT :confused:

Any ideas



Did you try the .cvt file? If you have “B” firmware "B"7*9 then you wont be able to flash with “G” firmware unless you use the .cvt file
Edit: I just reread above and it appears you are using the “G” firmware.



Maybe I will try the .cvt thing anyway




Just a quickie

Cross flashed to B7T9

Same problem with the Verbatims ( no score )

Ricohjpn01X4 at X4 = 97 score and X8 = 97 score :slight_smile:

Guess just a bad batch of mmc003s

Thank you everyone