Reading CDs in Raw Mode in Windows XP



I am trying to read a data CD in raw mode under Windows XP. I was able to use the CreateFile method without error. I then try to use DeviceIoControl with the IOCTL_CDROM_RAW_READ command but get an bad return status. Can anyone help?


What drive model are you using? Maybe it doesn’t support RAW mode.


I am using the TDK DVDRW880N drive. I am able to use IsoBuster to read from the drive in raw mode using the tool’s “sector view”.

In my code, I am trying to use the Windows API to get a handle to the drive using CreateFile(…) and then read data with DeviceIoControl(…) passing it the IOCTL_CDROM_RAW_READ command. I am able to read audio CD-ROMs and data CD-ROMs, but not data CD-Rs. The DeviceIoControl(…) method returns an “incorrect function” error if I try to read a CD-R. Also, I am not certain that the data I read from audio CD-ROMs and data CD-ROMs is correct.