Reading CD-MRW on a Mac

I have a CD-MRW disc that I put some data on to give to a friend of mine who uses a Mac. He e-mailed me saying that his Mac (he’s using Mac OS X… 10.2, I think…) doesn’t support reading the Mt. Rainier format. I don’t know much about Macs as I’ve always been a Windows/Linux user… anyone know of some sort of Mt. Rainier reading software that I can point him in the direction of? Thanks.

You could try to use Virtual PC and then run the Mt. Rainer software on it.

Although it is quite pricy, $219 for XP home edition, but if your friend already has it i would give it a shot.

I couldnt find the software that just reads the cds on mac. They have listed the readdvd for mac and i would assume it read the cds too. I couldnt get the page to load with the description though. Go here