Reading CD+Graphics

I’ve tried searching for this, so please forgive me if it is elsewhere!
For 5 years now I have been trying to find a way of playing the graphics on a Fleetwood Mac cd that I have, “Behind The Mask”.
A combination of factors makes me feel that I have nearly reached that goal!
A new Liteon 40125W drive, this web site and a couple of players from Tyranosoft, but still no joy.
Nero info tool shows that I have firmware version Ws05 and that the Cd+G box is ticked.
So can anyone tell me what is missing?
Many thanks

The disc may not been correctly made? Have you successfully got it working with any programs/drives/computer configurations?

Sorry I’ve no experience with CD+G as I’ve never seen such discs here.

I’ve just been told by Liteon, that none of their players support CD+Graphics and they apologised that the Nero info tool gave out the wrong info!
So my quest to find out whats on the Fleetwood Mac cd continues…

Another alternative is to convert the CD+G to an AVI with cdg2avi (from ) and then convert the AVI to VCD using TMPGEnc. Finally burn out the mpg file with Nero as a VCD and then playable on most DVD Players and all PC’s.