Reading All Sectors on 'Blank Media'



As a last ditch effort, I thought I would ask those in this forum if they could help with a terrible problem I am having.

Here are the facts:

  1. Very VERY important DVD (pics&vid of meNkids at great wall).

  2. The DVD obviously has damage to it (there is a stain on the back of the dvd that kills about 10% of the recordable space. (DVD is a sony dvdr- mini that I got in Beijing-on closer inspection, it’s 99.9% fake…ug)

  3. When put in my camera (sony dvd 803e), the majority of my film and pics can be previewed (but they won’t DL via usb).

  4. Disc is finalized, but the drive (multiple) doesn’t even recognize that the disc is anything but BLANK!

  5. I’m very frustrated

Is there any way to find a program that will try to read each sector of a blank dvd to create an .iso perhaps filling in broken or missing sectors with dummy data or 0s?

Is there a magical drive out there that will take forever to load the information but get it off?

Does anyone have ANY idea how to help?

Thanks very very very much
-Frustrated Rob :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


You cannot read a blank media.

Try in another drive or on another computer, also by using tools like UltraISo and ISOBuster.


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