Reading a TAO Image

Backed up data using Simple backup by Sonic (dvd). Can not recover last disk, was able to read disk with some freeware. Now have a TAO image that was on the disk. How can I read the data…is it compiled? What can I use. Have been talking with Sony (have dru 510a, will ask and sonic. no help from either, can not even do firmware upgrade on sony, will ask for money back).

I just need to get to my data, please help. :slight_smile:

What do you mean you were able to read the disc with some freeware (what was the freeware)?

How did you get a TAO image (what created it) and do you mean that the file extension is TAO?

You might try ISO Buster to try and get your data back out of the TAO file.

Thanks for the Questions, I used ISO buster to get the data, but it copied a file to my desktop… the file is titled “track 1, tao image” and has 4.8 GB in it…how do I open that image…thanks

Did you retrieve the data and accidently image it again for burning, saving the image file to burn to your desktop…???

daemon tools can mount the file like its already burnt to a dvd - and you can browse the files from there. (i think, not sure about that specific image format)

it ended up that way…I was just trying to get the data off of the disk and Isobuster was able to pull that tao image. My back-up program does not read the disk as a continuation of the burned back-up data (2 other disks)

The program which ripped the .tao image should have also included a small .cue file (1KB or so). Use this cue file to mount the image in either alcohol 120% or daemon tools.

I think ISO Buster did not recognize what was written in the Table of Contents, that’s why you could not browse and extract specific files. I think there is not much you can do with the “Track 1” file you extracted, I suspect the disc may be gone :frowning: I grow nuts when that happens, but when ISO Buster refuses to read a disc, I usually give it up.
And no, ISO buster does not create a CUE file. I think.

I am having the same problem
I can browse the files found by ISObuster but It tells me to register the product although it is registered, bug or what? any other program that does the same as ISObuster ?

go to this site and download MagicISO it works , i had same prob, trak1 so and so.

just click on Download site 1 or 2 , :slight_smile: