Reading a DVD on a PC


I had 2 gb of digital pics burned in a cybershop in africa. I live in Canada.

I can read the dvd on a Toshiba DVD for TV, but i cannot read the dvd on my pc (i can also read the dvd on a mini dvd polaroid dvd – but i could not read the dvd on my sony dvd for tv).

I tried all the region free software for pc’s – cannot read the dvd.

We tried several varieties of pc dvd burners at a local electronics shop – no luck reading my dvd disc on any type of pc dvd burner.

So, i can read dvd disc on a tv dvd but not on pc dvd burner? It does not appear to be a region problem.

One tech suggested that maybe the cybershop did not complete the burn properly, and perhaps the table of contents on my dvd disc was not recorded – that may be why the tv dvd shows the pics, but the pc does not read the dvd disc.

I would desparately like to burn a copy of my dvd disc before the original disc is damaged.

Has anyone any knowledge of the problem that i am experiencing, and if so, do you have any suggestions/solutions?

are you sure your dvd burner/those you tried at the shop supports the disc type… ?
is it a standard (4.7gb) disc? if its a dual layer one its possible your dvd burner doesnt support these…

if the disc type isnt the issue , then i’d say it have some sort of copy protection or something went bad in the burnning

scan it with copy discovery & a-ray

also you might wanna try isobuster

I am reading the disc now. It reads:

SONY DVD+R 120 MIN/4.7GB ACCUDORE RW DVD+R [on the top side]

on the clear topside inside core, it reads:

DVD +R Ver.1.2/1x-8x

well if your dvd burner isnt very old , it should support +r discs , use nero infotool to determine if it does (have a look in the “drive” tab) , if you dont use nero then you can get infotool from here

if it supports +r then i suggest youll do as said in my previous reply^

Thanks for the tools – even isobuster suggests the disc is blank??

Yet, back to the start – the dvd fortv (toshiba reads all the pics??)

I am thinking perhaps the tech was right, and that the burn was aborted before completion, and somedisc recorded integrity was lost.
I will cerainly folow up on the downloads as suggested.

I took easterbuny’s advice and installed Isobuster and scanned problem dvd disc

Isobuster suggests the disc is blank and no media present?

Yet I can still read entire disk on tv dvd player, but not on the pc.

Any further suggestions?

Dump the disc with blindsuite and then mount with daemon tools :wink:

Do you have problems with other DVDs on your computer too?

No. I don’t have any problems reading other discs with dvd pc.

Just wondering if perhaps dvd disc was burned on another o/s inn africa – like apple, mac, os/2 linex – do you think that might affect a pc being able to read a homemade burned disk???

Normally not OS dependable, but sometimes the used Filesystem and settings can count.
In some cases even the used media and burnspeed is important.

A good example is with “pressed” VideoDVDs made in China etc.

No. All other dvd’s on pc work well.
The PC simply won’t recognize the disc?
Others suggest diferent scanners etc., but the disc just won’t read, so scanning cannot proceed – i.e. no whirring sound (very little) when disk is mounted in dvd drive.

You may try it in another computer/drive. ÄIf it is recognized there, create a copy of it.

Simply, i had 2 gb’s of holiday pics from a digital camera burned onto a R+ DVD 4.7 Sony disc, at a small cyber shop in eastern africa.

Upon returning home to n.a. (canada) i discovered that i could not read the disk on any pc (at home, work, or a couple of computer shoppes on various computers).

Also at the computer shops, we tried reading the disk on region software and tried all the regions – pc just could not read the disk.

However, i can read the dvd disk on a toshiba dvd palyer and a poloraid mini dvd player (could not read on a sony dvd player).

On the tv monitor, it shows the pics as jpeg, under headings:


in the photo header, i have about 400 pictures all consecutively numbered that i can read on the tv monitor.

ON THE PC, THE dvd drive barely whirs when i mount the disc (light goes on for about 20 secs).

WHen i right click the mouse on the windows dvd drive, the properties read used space = total disk; free space = zere – bytes = zero?

Nero, Isobuster, and any other scanning device does not read the drive:


“No media present”


“Disk is blank”

So, it seems impossible to utilize even isobuster, because the pc simply does not read the dvd disk.

Obviously, i know there are pics on the disk because i can view the pics on the tv monitor, but i can not read the disk on the pc in order to copy to new disk for back up or editing (also, the disk contains several “quick time” short video).

So i am stumped?

Hello K…Woo
I guess you did not get my PM huh
Anyway just a thought here BUT if the disc was made using something like RecordNow which uses DLA then it can not be read on any computer unless the computer as DLA installed…Just my 2 cents


Thanks again Tim – will google DLA and Record now and see if it applies. Thx.

Hi K…Woo
Here are two links for you to check out

RecordNow download

Thank you for your further tips re: finalizing and closing of dvd disk.

I downloaded Nero Speed, but lyke other programs like isobuster, readwrite etc., it seems to reguire that the computer can read the disk – as yet, the pc, even in Nero SPeed Disk Info mode, does not recognise the disk??? Just says “there is no disk” – so once again, i cannot get started.

As an aside, when i was in Africa, i always checked the burned disk before leaving the cyber shop – all except this one cyber shop (we were travelling) for which we have no backup!

Obviously, the cyber shop did something indecipherable to the dvd burn. We did some follow up with the original cyber shop – their only response was “shock” and suggested it was a R+ / R- issue, which of course it is not.

I wonder if there are specific questions we could ask the cyber shop about the burn that may shed some light?

I wish that i could have reported more success.


I think that I am having a similar problem with dvd-r disks that I have burnt myself. These are data disks that I have used a program called ‘burnmyfiles’ to create. When it comes to reading the disks my computer will not recognise them at all. I have not tried the disks in a stand alone player as I created them as data disks to backup my media and assumed it wouldn’t work.

I have posted in a separate thread

Help for a total newbie please - with my username (obviously) :slight_smile:


Ask them what program they use to burn the file & what filesystem & what burn method (packet writing, DAO, multisession) they used to burn the disc?